How to Cook Tapioca Pearl? (Step-by-Step Guide with Pictures)

A bubble tea store that couldn't serve a nice and chewy boba is indefinitely disappointing. Before we start cooking, make sure you get the quality of Tapioca Pearls should be up to a standard where...

  • it is non slimy and thus do not get burnt easily when cooking
  • it is chewier and neither too soft nor too hard
  • it has great sweet caramel flavour 
  • it has constant size from batch to batch

Order a packet of Tapioca Pearls and start cooking today!

Once you have got a good one, we can now start cooking it! (We are using the medium size pearls 2.3)

What you need:

Preparation of utensils:
1. Measuring Jug
2. Ounce Cup
3. Cooking Pot with Cover
4. Ladle
5. Strainer
6. Timer
7. Weighing Scale
8. Serving Bowl

Preparation of materials:
1. Tapioca Pearls: 300g
2. Hot Water: 1800cc
3. Sweetener: 100cc/ 100g of Fructose/ Honey/ Brown Sugar/ Raw Sugar (Depending on your preference, we have a varieties of sweetener available here! )


Pour 1800cc water into cooking pot. Wait for the water to boil.


Once the water is seen boiling, pour tapioca pearls into the pot and stir gently. At this point of time, pearls are sinked at the bottom.


You should wait for the pearls to float before starting the timer. Once pearls are seen floating, turn to medium heat and you may start the timer to boil for 25 minutes. Cover up the pot half and stir occasionally while boiling.


After 25 minutes of boiling, switch off the heat, cover the pot to simmer for 20 minutes.


Now that the cooking is done. Drain off the water, rinse the pearls with water to wash away the slime. Pearls should feel lightly warm after washing.


Add fructose syrup into the serving bowl. Then, pour the washed pearls into the bowl. 


Mix them well and let it soaked in fructose syrup for 15 minutes before serving. 


You should now have a shiny black, chewy and deliciously sweet pearls to go with!


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