Everything about the Black Pearls/ Boba/ Tapioca/ Bubbles

Bubbles, Pearls, Boba or Tapioca Ball no matter what name you call them, this black chewy toppings made from tapioca starch is always the first products whenever customers comes to enquires about when setting up a bubble tea shop. 

Undoubtedly, tapioca pearls is important to have it in your menu, but before you call and start ordering, we gather some of the general questions we got from our customers and thought will be good to share here. Let's get started!

I saw a varies type of Tapioca Pearls in your listing, but what are the numbers beside the product name means? what are the differences? 
Acorn offers 3 different sizes of Tapioca Pearls, the decimal number (2.1, 2.3 or 2.5) stated is used to identify different sizes of the tapioca pearls diameter. And each of them can be order by packet or by carton.

The sizes are breakdown into the following
Mini pearls 2.1 - diameter 7mm 
Medium pearls 2.3 - diameter 8.5mm
Boba pearls 2.5 - 
diameter 9.5mm

How long can I keep after opened?
The purpose of the air tight packaging helps to prevent bacterial growth hence we recommend to consume ASAP after opened at a maximum of 3 days depending on your environment. 

How long can I keep after cooked?
Under a normal room temperature, a well cooked Tapioca Pearls can be kept for up to 4 hours (recommendations), Tapioca Pearls turns hard and mushy if kept for longer time. 

What is the best way to keep cooked tapioca pearls?
We recommend to keep cooked tapioca pearls in a warmer (40-50 celcius) which helps to keep the texture chewy and extend its best consumption time up to 6 hours. 

What's the secret recipe behind for making tapioca pearls chewy?
First, the quality of the Tapioca Pearls matters, all Tapioca Pearls in the market made differently with different recipe and tactics. Hence, make sure you bought the right one.
Order a packet of Tapioca Pearls here.

Second, it comes to the method of cooking. After the last step of simmers, make sure you filter out the pearls and rinse them under running cold water. 
Check out more cooking method here.

Does it comes with any flavour?
Our Tapioca Pearls are made with a hint brown sugar flavour, however there isn't any sweetness taste. Hence, it is essential to soak with sweetener to enhance the flavour and prevent it from stickiness. 
Is your Tapioca Pearls Halal certified?
Yes. Our Tapioca Pearls are THIDA (Taiwan Halal Organisation) certified. 
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We hope the above QnA answered some of your queries, yet if you still think its too complicated for your operations, how about some Ready-To-Serve Toppings to replace Tapioca Pearls? Check out alternatives Brown Sugar Konjac Pearls toppings.

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