Starting bubble tea business? Here is some tips.

Thought of starting your own bubble tea or dessert cafe business? Here is 3 small steps for you to start with your menu.

Whenever business comes to F&B industry, the most important and most time consuming part comes to the research and development stage. Because taste decides whether your customers like your business or not when you are doing food stuffs. 

So you have done your survey on what products you wish to offer and got a scratch menu. Its time for you to dive into kitchen work. But what's next?

1. You list down on the possible ingredients you may need
Here, we recommend you to go stage by stage. For instance, to focus on something you have better confidence or experience on it, doing on a few first instead of trying to do once for all. Stressing your self out with a full menu at the beginning might end up burning your wallet on unnecessary items. You tends to get more new ideas when you start doing. So target a few products to work on and start searching for supplies. 

2. Calculating your COGS
Other than fine tuning on your recipes, you have to factor in the cost of raw materials too. In order to calculate the cost of your raw ingredients, you have to confirm on the usage of per sold unit. Be specified on the amount of usage for every ingredients, that will help you to control your cost and quality. Ask yourself simple questions like:
"how many scoops of milk powder do i need to use to make a cup of milk tea (finished product)?" 
"how much is per scoop of milk powder?"

3. Setting your price
Now you got a cost based for raw ingredients, but don't forget to add in your operating cost. Because that will defines how much you want to sell. We suggest you to do a quick survey on competitors pricing too! That will give you an idea how much is the market rate and customers' perception. 

So now you've got a simple idea and hopefully you manage to create a menu by setting up your product offerings, product name and pricing.

ACORN DISTRIBUTION supply raw ingredients for beverage and dessert stores. Begin your business with us by visiting our showroom. Call 6471 9008 to make appointment! 

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