Play With The Toppings, Make Some Combinations! - Honeydew Milk+White Pearls

If you are stuck getting a new idea for your menu, maybe we could help. So follow us, step by step.

What we are using: 10cc FONEN Fructose Syrup, Filter Water, Ice Cubes, Regular Shaker Cup, Ounce Cup, Powder Spoon, NESTLE Coffee-mate Powder, Honeydew Flavoured Powder and White Konjac Pearls.


Add 10cc fructose syrup into the shaker cup.


After the fructose syrup, add 1/3 of filter water.


Then, 2 scoops of milk powder.


Follow by 2 and a half scoops of honeydew flavoured powder.


Cover the cap tight and shake for 60 seconds until powder fully dissolved.


Continue by filling up the cup with ice cubes and filter water.


Shake again for another 30 seconds until the drink is cold.


Prepare a serving cup with 3 scoops of white konjac pearls.


Transfer them to the serving cup.


And here we go, a cup of tasty treat Honeydew Milk with White Pearls!


Share with us how you can help to improve this drink.

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